Our #SoulHappyTribe


Personal development and ethical eco warrior with a soul’s purpose to help people find their BEST authentic selves and to thrive. Vegan/ veggie advocate and food lover! Addicted to smoothies/juicing and striving to 13 a day (wiping the floor with the old 5 a day). Loves yoga, meditation and nature! Wants to help the world be happier and healthier in any way possible and is working with Soul Happy and the amazing tribe to get to this vision. Kim is a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, Coach, Reiki Master, NLP Coach, meditation workshop leader, as well as a tree planting, flash mobs gatherer, litter-picking groupie and sustainable business advocate. She loves giving hugs too (when appropriate)!


Earthy Ian links everything in life to health. At Soul Happy he offers Thrive & Enjoy health coaching, working with people for their own health goals. When he’s not working you might find him hanging upside down on monkey bars, gardening or worshipping the sun. He’s a massive fan of soil!..and loves to dig it, smell it, and stare at what’s going on within it. His career started in medical sciences before he trained as a therapist. Alongside all of this he’s ran a salad growing business that connected local people directly to fresh produce, campaigned for new economics and sustainable communities. His long-term dream is to support the Regenerative Farming movement and leave a positive, soil-building footprint on the Earth during his life.


Fitness crazy – sports therapist and personal trainer, aiming to help people go above and beyond their potentials and better themselves in life. Passion for helping others with pain, injuries, sports, mobility and health & well-being. One of Henry’s specialities is giving an in depth deep tissue sports massage – designed to help any human being!

Henry is also developing his personal training online e-fit programme, so that you can work with him and his expertise from the comfort of your own home or gym.


Big hearted tech geek with a degree in IT, who has seen the light and no longer wants to be bound to a desk looking after tech machines. Truly a people person Helen is a Nutritional Therapist / Foodie / DoTerra Independant consultant / vegan / veggie supporter and pop up shop Director – all out to help my fellow human machines! Driven to educate the masses where possible and help people think about what they are doing to their bodies from the inside-out. Looking after real people instead of inanimate objects is the way forward! Helping the world evolve one healthy human at a time.


This holistically minded lady is not only sparkley by name but also by nature!
Committed to wellness, personal growth, fun and adventures, not only for herself but for others too. Qualified Holistic Therapist for over 10 years and after experiencing many treatments herself, she recognises how you want to feel after having a treatment – to feel special as well as relaxed. Nicola is also a Neal’s Yard (NYRO) Independent Consultant as well as an addict of the beautiful and natural award winning products. NYRO, like Nicola, believe in nature, honesty and transparency, and your right to know what goes into the products you use.


I am passionate about the power of healing and how it can benefit us all, worldwide. I’ve always been intrigued by crystals, from a very young age. Their wonderful beauty and sparkle attracted me initially and that curiosity & intuition developed into my love for them. Which led to me learning more about them and their wonderful healing properties. I have undertaken many courses over the years in varying methods of crystal healing and crystal learning workshops. I also do dowsing for health and I am a Reiki practitioner, all three therapies compliment each other nicely. I am also a Satsang Meditation workshop leader and run this special kind of meditation to the city on a monthly basis.


Qualified Holistic Therapist and beauty therapist since 2005, Mel’s treatments include Swedish and Aromatherapy massage as well as Indian Head Massage and Reflexology. Fascinated in the body and the mind and how our bodies try and tell us things and give us signs of wellbeing or imbalance. A lover of all things yoga, meditation, pilates, body balance (and anything that involves stretching) crystals, Moog Wax products, aromatherapy, (and making personalised blends for people). Outside of being a therapist Mel enjoys walking in the woods, being in nature, going on retreats, enjoying music and pub quiz’s, and being one of the worlds kind and helpful souls.


Captivated and in awe of nature since a toddler, she would sit for hours in rock pools prodding and poking all that moved, or didn’t! This led her into a career in marine biology, specialising in ecotoxicology. Working in nature conservation made her acutely aware of how disrespectful we can be towards our Earth and environment but felt this lack of care often extends towards ourselves. She retrained as a Medical Herbalist and feels that by improving our own health and well-being: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, we naturally and automatically extend that benevolent desire out to the wider environment. She just loves herbs and never ceases to be amazed and delighted by their incredible ability to bring about healing and a sense of well-being on all levels.


I am passionate about eliminating any kind of stigma and in particular with regards to mental health.  Having faced and overcome my own mental health battle in 2005, I began to appreciate the power of the mind and how it can easily control us, both positively and negatively.  I was lucky enough to work with a counsellor who I felt connected to and who helped me work through past issues whilst encouraging me to discover myself and what makes me tick.  Life has a habit of throwing us hurdles and I have learnt to appreciate each one as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person although that is easier said than done at times.


Kind, caring and a good listener with a love of being generous towards others. Creatively talented as a budding Writer and a knitter. Enjoys having fun with friends and family and putting smiles on peoples faces. Willing to do anything to help others, including small sewing tasks and creating drawings or knitwear or stories on request. Cannot stop from singing along to the radio and belting out lyrics for all to hear. Understanding and compassionate towards others and always willing to try and support those less confident to help them come out of their shell. Enjoys playing the hostess and above all a totally unique personality!


Suzie is a joyful vegan, yogi, free spirit, self-care advocate, intersectional rights activist, eco warrior, and aspiring cacaoista. She is on a mission to help herself and others on the path to personal thriving, community wellness, and planetary consciousness. She believes that sustainable wellbeing comes through a kaleidoscope of holistic practices that nourish both our minds and bodies. Trained as an artist and art historian, her research interests have included the portrayal of the Other (namely the woman, the slave, the foreigner, and the animal), Buddhist art and philosophy, Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine, dreams and surrealism, transcendental and shamanic art, and the divine feminine. She loves exploring the mysteries of life and realises that the more she learns, the less she knows.