Testimonials & Case Studies

“I suffer with insomnia, and after 1 session of hypnotherapy I had my first 8 hours sleep in 2 years!”


“After just 1 session of Reiki with Kim – cleared a negative blockage in my heart chakra (that i could actually feel being pulled out of me), and the pain in my hip that I had had for some time – just disappeared by the end of the session!”


“Through 2 Hypnotherapy and Reiki combos with coaching, Kim helped me peel back a number of layers of negativity and stress which through only 2 sessions has brought the more motivated and real me out.
I passed my driving test too after having a session with Kim the night before – its all really helped me get a handle on things and reduce my anxiety! We ‘cut a chord’ of the negative/anxious me that was holding me back. Kim also guided me to anchor in some positive visualisations of me passing, and then on my test the next day – I was less panicky and kept seeing clear visions of me celebrating and hugging my instructor (just like we had anchored). I also visualised 5 minors or less through our session, and low and behold, I passed with only 5 minors! I know this is linked from the good work we did!
I am continuing to work on myself through Kim to help me with other part so of my life now too. All of this has given me hope and confidence that I can continue to build on the very best version of myself. I never thought before that this could truly 100% happen, but its actually happening now and this gives me real hope for my future too.”


“Reiki and Hypnotherapy always help me to feel more relaxed and positive, which is important for me as it helps me deal with my terminal cancer situation – to try and get more out of my life with whatever time that i have left, seeing Kim helps me feel less stressed so that I enjoy life more. There is no end to where Kim goes to try and help and support me too.”


“After years of stress and problems, I was only getting 4 hours sleep per night and was feeling constantly anxious, demotivated and negative. It was effecting my work, health and relationships. I had 2 sessions of a Hypno and Reiki combination – and from this I now have a regular 6-8 hours sleep, I feel much more relaxed yet proactive, i’m more in control of what I eat and don’t binge as much, and work think i’m the happiest I have been in years. It like a better me is back! Life is good!”


“I previously found myself struggling with the pressures of life in general, gradually finding myself with less and less energy to carry out even some of the basic tasks. A chance conversation with Kim, led to the offer of a free consultation, no pressure just a friendly gesture of assistance. Luckily for me I had already recognised that something wasn’t right and was prepared to do something about it, however the medical solution was not for me. So with an open mind I engaged in some hypnotherapy sessions to great effect.

Kim facilitates these sessions in a friendly, discreet and non-intrusive manner. The room offers a warm, safe and relaxing environment for the session, always accompanied by the infectious Kim Coley smile and her genuine desire to help. Kim employs techniques that are varied and adjusted accordingly, particularly when I didn’t ‘’get it” initially.

Since the sessions I have renewed energy, my sporting ability and achievements increased dramatically and having set some goals for the future, I have already executed several steps in achieving the biggest one!

If you are reading this then you are already on the journey, so embrace it and book a session. It worked for me!”


“I felt like my train of thought was different after just 1 session. I use these new tools when I need to be strong, which I still use now.”


Reiki is tranquil, and peaceful experience, creating true inner peace for me! After each session I always feel grounded, calm and rested. This feeling really helps me to move forward with a clearer sense of perspective and direction. Each session is very personalised for me too and makes me feel special. “
JULIA – Peterborough


“I have been to see several hypnotherapists and I can happily say that Kim has helped me the most out of all of them. She is funny, happy and has a contagious positive attitude. Her solution focused approach is the most effective I have come across to date and its helped me reduce all my anxiety, panic attacks and worry. I have also been able to go on the London underground and not feel claustrophobic or anxious. I have been a stronger and calmer and more proactive person since.”
ASHER– Lincolnshire


With Kim’s energy and time she spent with me doing Reiki and Hypnotherapy, she opened my eyes and my sky for me. It’s with thanks to Kim I have a new lightness in my life. I am now inspired to do the same – to help others find their light and happiness. Thank you for such a wonderful and beautiful experience.”
SWAV– Cambridgeshire


“I was recommended to Kim by a friend, and I am so glad I was. Out of the menu I chose hypnotherapy and it opened me up to so much. Kim is great and her explanations really helped me to understand how I think. After just 1 session session I felt so much more positive, and new motivation just came to me. I have since completed projects that I had been putting off for months, and got back into one of my favourite hobbies. It was a great experience.”
EMMA– Lincolnshire


“Kim’s Hypnotherapy session was a wonderful experience. I felt welcomed and at ease, which relaxed me into the session immediately. The session made helped me develop a new perspective which which no one had shown me before, so now I feel more comfortable and excited with my new current direction, knowing that guidance is always at hand if I need it.”
ALICE– London


“I have learnt so much about my personal behaviours that I was never aware of before. Kim helped me understand my thoughts and change my life for the better. She has an amazing way of listening and bringing out the positive side of me, as well as helping me realise what I really want to be doing in life, and I am achieving this now. I highly recommend Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy with her.”
LISA– London


“Kim is an amazing person who makes you feel at ease. She taught me things about the brain I never knew before. She helped me clear my mind and switch to more positive thinking, this in itself is helping me process things in my life so much better.”
EMMA– Cambridgeshire