Counselling provides a safe, confidential space where you can explore issues that might be causing pain or concern.

Person-centred theory believes that the client is the expert in how they are feeling. I as the counsellor provide the environment whereby you can freely express your feelings. This can lead to a greater understanding and trust in your own abilities and choices. 

Carl Rogers (one of the founding members of Person-Centred therapy) said “We think we listen, but very rarely do we listen with real understanding, true empathy. Yet listening, of this very special kind, is one of the most potent forces for change that I know”.

I work non-judgementally and with empathy to gain an understanding of the difficulties that you are experiencing.

It is not always easy to share our feelings particularly for fear that we are being judged or being a burden to others. Maybe like many people you’re used to ‘putting on a brave face’.

Over time suppressing or ‘bottling up’ feelings can lead to pain and distress. It not only affects us but has an impact on our relationship with others. Counselling can help bring more balance into your life, and therefore help to increase your sense of well-being.

Counselling can enable you to express how you really feel with someone who is able to listen even when you may be experiencing high levels of distress.

I aim to work alongside you at your pace and according to your needs. I will discuss whether you would like short or long-term counselling in order that we tailor the counselling according to your requirements.

Most of us will have been to see a doctor about our physical health, so why should our mental health and well-being be any different?