Emotion Code

What is the Emotion Code?

Developed by Dr Bradley Nelson The Emotion Code is a powerful and very simple way of removing emotional baggage that has become trapped.
Over the years and through the roller coaster of life it is not always possible to completely deal with the emotions of life fully, although sometimes at the time you may think you have. Dr Nelson explains that these trapped emotions can then become negative balls of energy from the size of an orange to a cantaloupe melon that literally inhabit your body. Although these can come from a major life event they can also occur from ‘just a bad day’ when everything just seems to go wrong. The body is made of pure energy so trapped emotions can often affect a persons physical, mental and emotional well being, restricting your life. For example, often due to a life event your heart can be said to be broken and in order to protect it your subconscious uses trapped emotions to build a barrier around it. This is known as the Heart Wall and can be made up of many layers resulting in the giving or receiving of love to be difficult or impossible.

How can the Emotion Code help?

The Emotion Code can help with issues from physical pain through to anxiety, focus, self sabotage, relationship difficulties and more. Releasing these trapped emotions can help you feel physically and mentally more able to deal with your day to day life allowing you to take more control.

Who can it help?

All ages – Surrogate testing can be used in any situation where a person is present physically but is not testable e.g. an infant, small child
or an elderly person.

What to expect in a session:

A session will last one hour and will include:
STEP 1-Muscle testing
Through the fascinating process of muscle testing this allows me to speak to your body (on a subconscious level). You will be asked to give a negative or positive response to multiple questions whilst you sit comfortably in a chair as only the arm is needed.
STEP 2- Finding the emotion
Through focusing on Dr Nelson’s Emotion Chart I use muscle testing as a process of elimination to find one trapped emotion at a time.
STEP 3-Release the Emotion
Dr Nelson explains that because trapped emotions are energy then the most effective way of clearing them is with another form of energy. INTENTION is an extremely powerful form of “Thought Energy” and combining this with a magnet can enhance the intentions power into the body. By using a roller magnet along part of the governing meridian (back of neck down the spine) the emotion can be released.
STEP 4-Checking trapped emotions have been released.
This requires using the same muscle testing technique as before.

Each emotion will be completely cleared before the next one is found and your subconscious mind will only clear the amount you can deal with at that time which could range from 1 to 10. You are not required to discuss private matters as emotions can still be released without discussion.