Confidence, Energy, & Meditation – With Kim

1st July 2019 7:00 pm - 1st July 2019 8:45 pm Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, The Serpentine, Peterborough PE7 8BD, UK
Kim V Coley (from SOUL HAPPY Wellbeing Centre Peterborough) would like to share with you a range of guided meditations, motivational and connective activities and processes – within this heart opening, community creating, strength building Soul Happy workshop to help you connect to the best version of yourself!

Time: 7pm-8:50pm.
Date: First Monday of every month.
Cost: Only £5 per person!
Venue: TESCO COMMUNITY ROOM, Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, Hampton, Peterborough.
Parking: Free. Parking is provided in the normal Tesco car park.

As Kim V Coley likes to create her workshops around what her attendees/communities/earths need, if there is anything you would like to learn, experience, theme, get support with, then please let us know in advance.

(If you would like a little personalised bottle of organic and pure essential oils to suit your emotions or help you balance – then they are also on sale for £7.50 each or 2 for £12 – please speak to Nancy Ryan for more information on this).

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