Correct Detoxing for weight Loss – With Helen -Medical Herbalist

11th April 2018 7:30 pm - 11th April 2018 8:30 pm PE1 1NA

Elimination of #toxins and cellular waste is fundamental to achieving health, achieving a healthy weight and shape, and keeping our immune system and energy levels at optimum.

#Detoxification rituals have been used for centuaries throughout the world, including our own European herbal heritage, where pot herbs are used to help the body “shake-off” the stagnation of winter.

By opening up our channels of elimination, our bodies are encouraged to undertake a Spring Cleanse, right down to the cellular level. This helps to stimulate fresh cellular growth and build stronger, healthier cells utilizing the vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients of the spring herbs.

In this talk, Helen Shardlow our #Medical #Herbalist, will share her knowledge and experience of how to use herbs, foods and other cleansing practices to improve your health, weight management and vitality so you can bounce into Spring with renewed vigour.

Please contact Helen Shardlow on; 07807273525 to book a space. Price is £6, redeemable against an initial Herbal Medicine #Consultation. Spaces are limited, so please book to secure a space.

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