Creating Coherence with HeartMath™ with Certified Trainer Karen

28th April 2018 10:00 am - 28th April 2018 5:00 pm

Creating Coherence and Resilience with HeartMath™ with Certified Trainer Karen Ablett Saturday 28th April 2018.

As well as learning some new techniques, approaches and strategies for improved well being you will also develop a better understanding of how your emotions can benefit you and move away from those that deplete you. Thus creating resilience over time.

HeartMath™ has helped with my own burnout, busy lifestyle, managing high levels of stress and unavoidable challenges. Addressing this has improved my family life and other interpersonal relationships.

HeartMath™ incorporates some unique techniques including a listening method to improve outcomes for all those involved. Each exercise increases in intensity from quick and simple to a deep meditative state that’s easier to achieve. Over time the body responds to challenging situations more calmly, even preparing ourselves ahead of the event or situation by going into that calm state through a newly developed automatic response. Once learned, you can share these new abilities with family members, etc.

I will be including some interesting research going back over 25 years from the HeartMath Institute, demonstrating just how important the heart’s role is in creating our everyday lives and the beneficial effects on all levels of our being. Additionally HeartMath™ have some innovative biofeedback technology, assisting you in creating, tracking and improving your all important coherence. This is available to purchase from me if required. (Please advise or can be ordered on the day).

I have children on the Autism spectrum and I use this regularly in dealing with various challenges including communication issues. This workshop is great for anyone who wants or needs to… *Manage stress and deal with challenges
*Address anxiety
*Feel Calmer under pressure
*Redress and pace yourself from burnout
*Understand yourself an your body through emotions and nervous system responses
*Create more harmonious relationships within and around you
*Improve sleep and quality of sleep
*Increase clarity and make better decisons
*Prioritise your wellbeing and selfcare
*Take Responsibility for your own happiness
*Achieve a relaxed or meditative state
The only requirement is to practice the techniques regularly!

The workshop is from 10-4:30pm.
Certified course 5 CPD Points
Cost per person is £100
Any questions about this workshop, or to sign up please contact Karen Ablett directly.
There will be a couple of breaks, so if you would like to bring snacks or food/lunch, please do.
Drinks provided at Soul Happy.

To find us we are at:
Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre
18 Cowgate
Keebles Alleyway
Peterborough City Centre
PE1 1NA.

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