Earth Ceremony – with Natasha.

1st March 2019 7:00 pm - 1st March 2019 9:30 pm Westgate Arcade, Peterborough PE1 1PY, UK

Hey Earthling,

If you feel like you want to do something positive for the planet and the beings within it, then this may be your answer! Come along to the Earth Ceremony to find out.

This Earth Ceremony has been lovingly designed to enable the following:

-Connect as a community
-Connect to your Soul self
-And most importantly connect to The Earth

-Questioning ourselves & our current behaviours
-Asking the Earth for guidance and help on how we can do & be better to help her
-Finding resolutions

-Celebrating the Earth & all that she does
-Celebrating the evolving community of people TRULY seeking positive change
-Acknowledging & motivating ourselves for striving for the greatest good.

Why is Ceremony important?
Ceremony and ritual seems to have vanished from Western Society, leaving a massive void in our way of life, including how we build and maintain sustainable communities. The art of ceremony and ritual can give us that structure to reconnect us with each other, with nature and most importantly to reconnect us with the Earth. Western society seems to have encouraged the disassociation between humans and their place in nature along with allowing us to forget our inherent relatedness and connection with the Earth and the entire Universe. My intention is to bring people back to practising the art of ceremony, to help rekindle the relationship between Man and Mother Earth.

In this ceremony you can expect to bond as a safe supportive and like minded community through sharing and respectful connective practices, to relax through meditation, to be encouraged to seek resolutions in the best way for you, as well as building beautiful loving energy, through music, song, dance and much more.

You will need to bring:
– Water
-Wear comfortable and cosy clothing
– A journal/ diary / paper & a pen
– Yoga Mat (optional)
– Blanket (optional)
– Favourite Cushion (optional as cushions will be provided)

***Other Relevant Info ***
The cost of this event is £10 per person, and preferably to be paid in advance using the ticket link on the event page ( ) or via bank transfer. (I will contact you with the account details once you have confirmed you would like to attend.)

If you are genuinely unable to afford this but wish to come, then please contact me and we may be able to arrange an alternative exchange.

The event is being held upstairs in the Soul Happy Pop-up Shop in Westgate Arcade, Queensgate in Peterborough City Centre.

Please arrive around 10 minutes before the ceremony begins, so you can set down your things and we can ensure we start on time.

If you have any questions, or wish to contact Natasha Wilkins please email or go to “New World Ceremonies” Facebook page and message Natasha there and she will get back to you as soon as possible.
See you there!

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