Events Time Table for Soul Happy Shop

2nd February 2019 - 7th March 2019

Here is the EVENT timetable for the upstairs of the NEW ETHICAL SHOP that opened yesterday. A month and a half of sooo many events (workshop/gathering / meetings).

If it’s right for you, (and you are drawn to our vision of a happier, healthier and more sustainable city and planet) come and connect, take part, support us, benefit , develop and grow with us… as we continue to build our interconnected conscious community.

…..Please get in touch to reserve your place. Most of the events listed here have their own page on our Soul Happy Events page. Alternatively, please PM us, and we will connect you with the relevant workshop leader to book you on.

We are also separately posting about the new drop-in 121 treatment timetable soon (where you can drop-in and get yourself a 121 massage/reiki/treatment of many with our qualified practitioners. no appointment necessary.

We also have many ethical (Earth friendly) items and art in stock for you to buy to support your development of low impact and sustainable living. Its looking GREAT already, yet are still building this side of things and waiting for a few more stockists to deliver… So bear with us.

The Crystal Cave (where you can meditate and listen to guided meditations for FREE) is not ready yet, we have to get a few things sorted before we can fully convert that space. Thanks for your patience.

ENJOY the Events calendar.

A HUGE thank you to Samantha Smith who has kindly designed this poster (and more) for us. So Grateful. x


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