Flash Mob Meditation

Flash Mob Mass Meditation (Number 3)

Peterborough’s Second ever Flash Mob Mass Meditation. Come together for peace, to unite or to raise the energy of the city.

25th May 2017 7:00 pm - 25th May 2017 7:30 pm Cathedral Square, 2 Cathedral Square, Peterborough PE1 1XH, UK

Here is Peterborough’s 3rd ever FLASH-MOB MASS MEDITATION event!
Peterborough is coming together to meditate – for collective consciousness, for peace! Peace for ourselves and peace for Peterborough/the world.
We are changing and upgrading the energy of Peterborough one positive meditation at a time.

This event is also a positive launch statement of the ‘Soul Happy’ not-for-profit’ Wellbeing Centre in Peterborough, with their vision of “Creating the true heart of the city!”

The event will last for 30 minutes, with some optional group-hugging at the end (here’s hoping)!
Then… as the new centre is undergoing works still, from 7:30pm you are all invited back to the lovely BEWITCHED coffee shop afterwards.

(Please note that anyone that attends the flash mob will be okay with having their photo taken – this is for us to use to promote future flash mobs to the public).

If you have never meditated before it won’t matter, just come with the intention of ‘peace’ and imagine what that looks like to you/your life/your city/your world. Please email or message us and we can link you to some more tips (or you can come to any of our meditation workshops too), and if there are lots of newbies, we may guide you with breathing and mindful techniques at the beginning of this flash-mob event. Alternatively, (as the flash move is supposed to be a quiet event), you can download a guided meditation app and listen to that whilst we meditate if you want full guidance.

Offers/vouchers from the new Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre will also be distributed on the night.
Please also send PM us/send us your email address if you want to receive our free enewsletter about more events, learnings and offers.
Look forward to seeing you soon! Exciting times!
Peace and love.

#SoulHappyTribe  (Creating the #HappinessHub for Peterborough and beyond)!

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