Free Kundalini Meditations *Lunchtime Boosters*

19th June 2019 12:30 pm - 19th June 2019 1:30 pm Soul Happy Shop, 13 Westgate Arcade, Peterborough

When: Wednesdays 12:30-14:30pm (varies)
Cost: Donation (Recommended £5)
Where: Soul Happy Westgate Arcade
What to Bring: Comfy Clothing, Water (&Donation)
What to Expect: Weekly Themes Tune In, Warm ups, Light Lunchtime Yoga, Mantra, Meditation, Tune Out
To Book: Message Dilraj Kaur Paul-Kung directly on messenger (limited spaces)

To optimise your experience, please do not eat 2hours prior.
More information about Kundalini Yoga on

*Everyone Welcome*

**Weekly Themes**
Regular Drop-In Session Themes (b/Wednesday 15th May, repeated depending on Popularity): Intro To Kundalini Yoga / Meditation Intro / Reduce Stress / Increase Energy / Self Love / Conscious Parent
Become Healthy / Balance Chakras / Breathe – Learn to breathe / Disease Resistance / Increase Flexibility / Release Premenstrual Tension / Balance Sexual / Energy / Mantra Mania / Release Fear.

***What is Kundalini Yoga/Meditation?
Why is Kundalini Yoga considered ‘The Mother of All Yoga’? … The yoga that has transformed the lives of countless people including celebs like Russel Brand who is an active advocate!

Traditionally Kundalini Yoga was exclusively practiced in elite and secretive yogic circles in India. In 1969 Yogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west, breaking the ancient rule of secrecy. It was his calling to free people in the West of their sufferings by introducing Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga incorporates facets of twenty-two types of yoga. Many yogas focus on specific areas of either; mind, body and soul. Kundalini Yoga has a balance of all three in order to fully master the neutrality of life. K.Y uses specific technology to build your awareness by using breathing techniques, mantras, meditative postures and focus. K.Y introduces a technology you can apply in your lifestyle (not just something that you practice once a week, or get a weekly boost from).

K.Y uses dynamic exercises which free residual and dormant energies in the body. With maintaining a precise discipline of the postures, breathing techniques, mantras and focus, it releases the energy from the root of our spine spiralling upwards, engaging and balancing all our Chakras. When our Kundalini energy awakens, it optimises the nervous system and the glands so our consciousness can be aware of our authentic selves and project our true selves to the Universe.

A few Example Sets in Kundalini Yoga Full Classes (beginning in September)
• Preparatory exercises for Lungs, Magnetic field & Deep Meditation
• Disease Resistance and Heart Helper
• Healthy Bowel System
• Releasing Premenstrual Tension & Balancing Sexual Energy
• Awakening Ten Bodies
• Spinal Energy
• Flexibility and the Spine
• Kriya for Elevation
• Strengthening the Aura
• Naval adjustment Kriya
• Magnetic Field and Heart Center
• Pituitary glands

About Dilraj – Teacher:
“Sat Nam Beautiful Souls. My name is Dilraj Kaur and I have been practising yoga for over a decade. I was introduced to Kundalini yoga in 2008 and learned quickly why K.Y is ‘The Mother of All Yoga’ as it transformed my life. I am also a Secondary School teacher, I trained in inner London in 2009, where I taught for 5 years. When I met my husband, we made a conscious decision to strive for a peaceful, balanced and meditative lifestyle. After living in London for 26 years, in 2014 we moved to a village in Peterborough and have noticed the lack of Kundalini teachers and teachings in the city – so I am working with Soul Happy to bring K.Y into Peterborough.
I have taught K.Y retreats over the years. I am continuing my development / teacher training for Kundalini Yoga with Karam Kriya School in London. My teachers Angad Kaur and Shiv Charan are World leaders in Kundalini Yoga.
Kundalini Yoga practises many mantras originating within the Sikh Scriptures. I strive and seek for; a deeper understanding of balance, love and neutrality in my life. As a teacher I feel inspired to share love and unity with my students through Kundalini yoga and music.”

To book on to the class on Wednesday class please contact Dilraj Kaur Paul-Kung to reserve your place (spaces are limited).
Time: 12:30pm-14:30pm.
Cost: FREE but donations welcome (£5 recommended)
Venue: Soul Happy Shop (Westgate Arcade, Queensgate),

Dilraj & Kim

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