Gong Crazy – with Laura

8th December 2017 7:00 pm - 8th December 2017 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK

‘Gong Crazy’ – So What is a Gong Bath?

Well firstly a Gong Bath does not involve you getting wet or naked you’ll be pleased to know!! Gongs are very healing, therapeutic, powerful in shifting energy, releasing blockages within our Chakras (Energy centres), it is an instrument that is played with intuition, the Gongs all bring different qualities, and having a Gong Bath close to a Full Moon is really the best time too, it can help with emotions, energy, uplifting, often people feel clarity from attending Gong Baths, a clearer mind, direction, and lets face it, who wouldn’t want that!

“In today’s hectic life we are so used to multi-tasking, saying Yes more than No, helping others, and getting exhausted in the process, often ill. My main aim to make people feel better, to take them to a place of ‘Non-Thinking’, its a really nice place to be, and it can happen, after about 20 minutes the brain and the ear give up trying to analyse it all and the whole body and mind goes into a nice state of deep relaxation.”

Laura will spend time at the beginning of each Gong Bath to focus attention on the breath, to create a calm space, help to set intentions, Laura often brings Energy cards to help with this, and you are invited to bring along a Crystal or anything symbolic, just for you, to maybe place under your cushion or blanket, to help with the journey. The journey – everyone will experience their own unique journey during the Gong Bath, and you never get 2 the same!, the planets and astrology play a part in Gong Healing too, Laura usually does a short reading at the beginning to let you know what is going on with the planets at the present time, and this helps us to understand why we might be feeling a certain way, to accept how we are.

A little about Laura – I am 43, married and have 3 lovely children, 10 rabbits, 3 cats and a St Bernard and live in Bourne, Life is never boring! I teach Yoga too. I run regular Gong Baths in a variety of locations, I have only been doing Gong Baths for just over year, it found me whilst on a Yoga Festival a couple of summers ago! I love life, appreciate life, and a healthy body, I try not to ask for a lot, and like everyone, I’m on a life journey, it’s exciting, and I’m still learning how to feel better and better, but I know for sure that the Gongs play a big part in my wellbeing and I love to share this, it is now a huge part of my life and I feel lucky that I am given the opportunity to use it. I am also currently studying Reiki and directing it through the Gong for healing.

I am planning to come on a Friday evening once a month, (and possibly to run a daytime session too if demand is there – to offer Peterborough the opportunity to experience this, and I am really looking forward to it.

Gong Baths are NOT suitable for anyone with Epilepsy, Pacemaker, Menieres, if anyone has any queries please feel free to contact me in advance. You may attend a Gong Bath and sit on a chair, if mobility or getting down to lay on the floor is a problem. We aim to cater for all and come together for a cosy night of Healing Vibrations. Sessions are £15, and we may have a mixture of some seated and some laying down, please specify which you prefer when booking. Payment in Advance secures your place.

Contact Laura Serenity Byatt on Facebook.
Email lauracharlie@hotmail.com
Mobile 07951 288801

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