Hardwiring Happiness- with Linda

19th August 2017 10:00 am - 1:00 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA

Here is another brand new workshop at Soul Happy!

Hardwiring Happiness with Big Happiness Coach; Linda Nightingale.

Come along to this exciting new ‘playshop’ for adults offered by our popular Laughter Yoga teacher; Linda Nightingale and learn how you can start to positively CREATE your day, cut your stress in half (at least) and cultivate more happiness, health and wealth in the process.

Linda is proud to be a registered ‘Big Happiness Coach’ delivering the innovative BrainTech™ System that uses the latest research from behavioural science, positive psychology and neuroscience and has been featured on both ITV and BBC via the innovative company: The Big Happiness Experiment. (wwwbighappinesscic.com)

In Hardwiring Happiness Linda will introduce you to a simple system with techniques that identifies the key modes that your brain functions in and how these have a direct impact on your thoughts, behaviours and actions. Your body and mind does funny things when it’s anxious, nervous, worried, scared or under any form of pressure. It defaults into a programmed system whose primary role is to protect you and keep you safe. When this mode / system is running you can often make ‘bad choices’ and this can impact negatively on your life.

However, when you are happy and feeling safe and content you operate from a different system altogether and this one supports you in making ‘good choices’ that inevitably lead to more positive outcomes.

So… Linda will be delivering this exciting new workshop as an introduction to the comprehensive 10 Happiness Zones found within the successful Big Happiness Life Map™. The first level of the Life Map is GOLD and will focus on your ability to CREATE your life using the power of expectation, positive intention & goal setting.

As the title of the playshop states you will learn how to ‘hardwire your brain for happiness’. Gaining vital knowledge and tools to finally understand the ‘brain-body link’ and why you so often react in anger or frustration. If used continually, these small simple techniques can lead to BIG changes in your life; cultivating a more sustainable change can be made to reduce levels of anxiety and increase happiness, success, peace and contentment.

So what are you waiting for?

This 3 hour Hardwiring Happiness Workshop is being offered at the introductory price of £55 (normally £65) but if you pay before 31st July you may take advantage of the very early bird price of £40. Please contact Linda Nightingale to reserve your space/book or ask further questons.

Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre.
18 Cowgate, Peterborough City Centre, PE1 1NA.
(halfway down Cowgate, behind the old Post Office down the Keebles alleyway).

Parking is free down Cowgate and Priestgate after 6:30pm, but spaces are limited. The nearest car park is NCP car park behind TK Max.

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