New Moon Cacao and Connection Ceremony III

5th April 2019 7:00 pm - 5th April 2019 10:00 pm

Suzie and Kim will be coming together again to lead the third instalment of our Cacao and Connection series.

This ceremony is designed to take us on a sacred immersion into the senses, awakening our bodies, opening our hearts, releasing shame and intimacy blocks, and helping to cultivate nourishing, authentic, and balanced connections to ourselves and others.

We will begin by drinking a cup of sacred ceremonial cacao. This heart-opening medicine is a powerful tool for unlocking deeper levels of intimacy and empowerment. After this, meditation, sound, and plant essences will be used to awaken our feeling centres and subtle bodies, before we gently explore the healing powers of touch with individual and shared exercises inspired by the ancient tantric tradition.

Suitable for couples and individuals.

After the ceremony, our sensory journey will be concluded with wholefoods plantbased foodshare. Please stay to join us and bring your favourite dish to share!

Spaces are limited so please get in touch or reserve yours here

Before the event, you will receive preparation information and what to bring via email.

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