New Moon Ceremony: Sacred Cacao Alchemy & Earth Gathering

12th October 2018 6:00 pm - 12th October 2018 9:00 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK

Join us as we flow with the potent transformational energies of the Moon and Ixcacao to release negative habits and toxic patterns and welcome in new, more empowered ways of being. Ahimsa New Moon ceremonies, in particular, are focused on planting seeds for what we would like to cultivate in our lives. During the ceremony, you’ll be guided into an introspective and meditative space to you connect to your intuition, inner vision, karmic shadow, healing potential, soul purpose, and unseen guidance. The ceremony will be followed by a light plantbased feast and sharing.

Ahiṃsā cacao ceremonies are intended to help heal, awaken, and activate Earth warriors and inspire conscious living for the good of all beings. May we be collectively reborn to dance in true harmony with rhythms and cycles of the Earth, moon, stars, and the Universe. Find out more here

Spaces are limited to 11 so please book yours here Before the event, you will receive preparation information and what to bring via email.

For each ceremony, we will be giving away 1 FREE space for someone willing to take a few photos during the evening. Please RSVP below to secure your spot! (You don’t have to have to be a professional and we have a camera you can use if needed)

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