Soul Happy & Moon Henge Retreat & Empowerment Days

25th August 2018 10:00 am - 25th August 2018 10:00 pm Woodwalton, Huntingdon PE28 5YL, UK

We have an exciting announcement for you:

Soul Happy are partnering with the sacred space of #MoonHenge! To Celebrate this wondrous meeting, we are going to be offering a Nourishing, Relaxing and Empowering 3 part series of earth connecting #retreat days.

Approximately 15 people (per day) can experience the this wonderful space. whilst immersing themselves in a safe, guided, number of workshops, sessions, walks and more with various special guests and Soul Happy therapists and professionals.

***Day 1: Saturday August 25th.
Celebrating the Full Moon, we are taking you on a heart opening journey, with Earth ceremony, gentle re-connective Yoga, Sound Therapy, Sacred Geometry, Creativity, Nature and more. Building up to the evening phase and working with our earths #plantMedicine with a #CacaoCeremony (lead by Suzie Nimmo).

***Day 2: Sunday September 16th.
Celebrating the Autumn Equinox this space can be maximised for letting go and stepping into your personal power. With Earth Ceremony, Meditation, Chanting, Nature, empowerment, connecting deeper into your self with the safe yet powerful space of a #MoonCircle by moonlight (lead by Sharlene Belusevic).

***Day 3: Saturday October 6th.
October is a very spiritual month. We will be focusing on finding balance, balance between our light and our shadow, balance between our human and spiritual selves. With meditation, sound, creativity, expression, mindfulness, a very special healing attunement and more. The final phase of day with circle being held and guided in ceremony with Karen Igho… and some celebration too.

*1 day will only cost £98. (Also through EventBrite).
**2 days will cost £180 (£90 per day – contact Soul Happy to book),
***All 3 will only cost £240 (£80 per day – Contact Soul Happy to book)!
****Early Bird Tickets – bought before Sunday 5th August will get another £5 off any of those prices above.

Each day there will be a FREE light healthy plant based lunch and plenty of drinks provided, and for the evening feast you are welcome to bring and share a vegan/plant-based dish to unite with community and campfire.

During each lunch break, you will have the options of a nature walk, mindfulness activities or a massage/Reiki/Shiatsu pamper.

Each day there will be something you are being gifted, or making to take home. This will be anything from an organic spritzer (made with a combination of Henge Nature, Organic Essential Oils and collective energy), to objects symbolic to the day/session.

Anyone that books 2 or more Retreat Days:
As a thank you and for you to continue your own personal/spiritual development, you will also be given a FREE Meditation MP3 to listen to at home. You will be given the option of either 3 #Meditation workshops for FREE (worth £18) – or – a free 20 minute #Reiki/Energy/Hugging/Space Holding 121 Taster session (worth over £15/£20) with Soul Happy’s owner and Reiki Master Kim V Coley.

Anyone is welcome to this event over the age of 16. Please contact Kim V Coley to book or PM us at Soul Happy. We will send you our bank details and then a confirmation email.
Directions and more details will be sent closer to the time.
There are only approximately 15 spaces per workshop, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

*Please bring a journal or notepad with you.
*Please bring suitable clothes, and warmer clothes too (as a lot of work/sessions will be in nature / The Henge / The Campfire).
*Please bring an open mind.

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO BE SHARING THIS SPACE AND TIME WITH YOU. Thank you for all your support and helping us continue on our journey of creating real change within our city and county. We want to BE THE CHANGE that we want to see in the world, thanks for being part of that with us.

The Henge is a sacred outdoor space consists of 29 Fen Oak trees, each of which is more than 10,000 years old in the formation of Bog Oak “Stone Henge.” The vision for this Henge celebrating the Sacred Feminine will include 19 Bog Oaks forming an outer circle, 10 Bog Oaks forming an inner circle. Additionally, one Oak will face the north. The project is to provide a sacred place where people can spend time alone and recognise the needs of the earth, as well as gather for sacred ceremony and healing.

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