Sustainability – Learning more about sustainable &ethical living

14th March 2019 6:30 pm - 14th March 2019 9:00 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK

After visiting various conferences of late, its clear we all need to ‘up’ our knowledge and awareness on sustainability and ethics. Not just in the small sects of areas we may feel we ‘half know’ and practice, but to gain wider understanding of sustainability and ethics in other areas, how they interconnect and to help the wider understanding as a whole too (our planet depends on it).

We know Veganism is rising folks, I believe critical mass isn’t that far away, I can feel it. But veganism might be a great baseline, but is NOT the only answer to sustainability… We ALL need to help our planet more and take bigger steps to understanding what sustainability means and how to live in line with our awareness and learnings too. so let’s all support each other to ride the wave… more sustainably!

We are running a free and quarterly Environmental / Eco /Sustainability / Ethics night.
(£2-3 suggested donation to cover teas and venue).
Gather at 6:30pm,
Start at 7pm.

We will be sharing our knowledge and best practices, 1-3 special guests presenting from different sectors and areas to help us understand more and help open and develop our awareness as well as various topics to discuss.
There will be a plant based food share throughout and at the end (so please bring a vegan dish or a couple of items and together we feast).

For the first event we have Danny-Lee Seeley from Lawsons Market Garden as one of our guest speakers. (
Danny is a ‘regenerative’ small scale farmer, he will be helping us understand what regenerative farming is, why that is better than organic, how thats helping the soil (and the plants that grow from it) and more. There will be a chance to ask questions to help us understand deeper too.

Please let me know if you would also like to speak/share or know others that might. (Ideally a range of topics per evening).

I have a sense that this could develop into something bigger and if we get more than 20 people wanting to attend we will look for a larger venue to meet in. But lets start here.

Please comment below if you can attend so we can keep a very clear idea of numbers. Thanks.


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