The Balance Procedure – with Karen

12th May 2018 11:45 am - 12th May 2018 5:30 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK

The Balance Procedure – with Karen Ablett

We are creators of our reality reflected from our inner thoughts and feelings.

The Balance Procedure (TBP) is a deceptively easy technique that quickly enables you to bring yourself into alignment with what you want in your life.

Using a unique set of symbol cards and a simple technique we can establish where you are now and then balancing to transform thoughts or beliefs as required.

The more you do, the easier it becomes, bringing any underlying issues into your awareness for them to be resolved.

This can be used in any area that you want to improve, eg. relationships, work, family, exams, etc.

TBP can be used to either calm or energise

On the workshop I will show you clearly how to do this as well as provide an understanding of the background to TBP, and how to use it in various circumstances.

This technique can also be used for others including pets and animals. I found working with a horse particularly surprising!

I’ve been using TBP since 2008 and teaching since 2012. It has enabled me to transform many issues and understand what it is I need to to change in order to bring whatever it is into my life.
The added bonus however is with TBP I can do so from a more balanced perspective, knowing that without doubt I can achieve my aims.

The day is a fun and interactive experience with a focus on being able to use the techniques straight away. All you need is an open mind and open heart! This is a certified workshop with 5 CPD points.

Please feel free to bring lunch or any drinks.

If you have any questions please contact me. You must pre book your place as numbers are limited.

Payment is £100 via BACS transfer. This includes the symbol book and cards and a free e-book of ‘The Balance Procedure’ by Jenny Cox

If anyone has previously done TBP and wants to refresh there is a 50% reduction in cost (upon presentation of your certificate).

Extra sets of book and symbol cards are available on the day for £15

(please note there are no refunds after 28th April)
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