The HeART of Being – A journey of Transformation & Ascension

29th June 2019 9:00 am - 30th June 2019 5:30 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK

This 2 day and very thorough training course is taught by Sonia Grover (Intuitive Soul Coach, Sound Healer and Reiki Master). The course will give you full learning on how to work with the bodies own energy to help yourself and others.

Are you drawn to connecting with your Soul through your Heart and wanting to expand your intuition or looking to heal others? The Heart Souls Heart healing brings you into alignment to work and connect with the highest level of energies available to you right now.

This healing connects you to your heart and your higher self, your Soul, through the very fabric of your being, your DNA. Re-connecting you to universal and cosmic energy, bringing your innate wisdom into your heart. To help you and others in this time of great change and growth.

This 2-day workshop looks at how symbols and sacred geometry is at the very core of every aspect of you and everything within the universe. Understanding the history behind these symbols and how to use for healing yourself and others using different methods.

Learning about your 13 fifth Dimensional Chakras and activating them. You will learn about connecting to your Spirit Guides, Archangels and Light Beings, and bringing in the Cosmic Diamond violet flame with the symbols for transformation. A weekend of transformation, love and light and the ability to be able heal yourself and to heal others. A comprehensive manual, certificate and Sound mediation app is included.

What is the HeART of Being?
The HeART of Being is a way of connecting to your souls heart through your human heart, through 33 sacred geometric symbols called the Heart Souls Heart. It is a holistic therapy, meaning it supports the whole body – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. The Heart Souls Heart symbols are a proven safety treatment which uses a hands-off or light-touch technique.

The course breakdown consists of:
*A full introduction to the Heart Souls Heart (what it is and how it works).
*The Attunement & activation process – attunement to 11 of these powerful symbols
*Understanding the new 5th Dimensional Chakras,
* Activation and clearing of your new 5th Dimensional Chakras
* Bringing the energy of your Atlantean Chakras into the now
*Developing your intuition & Soul connection with the Heart of your Souls Heart
*The History, Development and Styles
*The Principles of using this sacred geometry
*Meditations and visualisations
*Practical experience sessions
*16 hours training, certificates plus unlimited post training telephone/email support

The aim of this transformational healing event is for you to leave with a profound understanding of who you are, why you have been incarnated at this time…to give you an insight into your gifts and unique talents and most of all, the confidence to take them out into the world.

If you are ready, if you know it is time and you want to release old ways of being that have restricted you and expand and connect to deeper intuition and growth and heal as you were born to do… join us for two days of powerful intuitively guided coaching, sacred geometry, potent healing integrations, kaleidoscopes of sound and the chance to finally connect fully to the real you and find your divine power and wisdom.

This course runs over 2 days

“I really enjoyed this course with Sonia and feel it has opened me up to higher levels of knowledge and wisdom. I felt the structure was spot on but Sonia also used her intuition to go wherever we needed to, for everyone. I would recommend this experience to all who it resonates with, those who are on the same path as me. You will raise your vibration, learn and come away feeling totally pleased you came. Awesome, the best, awesome. Thank you Sonia for planning up there with me, that we would meet here on earth. I feel very lucky and privileged.” Catalina, Royston

“Fun, informative & powerful – more of the same please” Nicky, Stondon

“The structure was fantastic, I found the workshop insightful, creative and expansive” Russell, Bedford

“Total relaxation. It was enlightening, relaxing and fun” Linda, Bedford

“I really enjoyed the meditations & attunements as I channelled lots of info. I found the workshop inspiring transforming & energising” Wendy, Ashwell

Refreshments, drinks and snacks will be provided throughout the day.

If you are attuned to Reiki and/or love sacred geometry, this course is for you.
Spaces are limited so to book your place for this 2 day course click here :

The HeART of Being – Level 1

If you want a chat about the course or have any questions please feel free to contact Sonia Grover on 07446 467445.

We welcome you!

…We are at:
Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre.
18 Cowgate,
Peterborough City Centre,
PE1 1NA,
(halfway down Cowgate, behind the old Post Office down the Keebles alleyway).

Parking is free down Cowgate and Priestgate after 6:30pm, but spaces are limited. The nearest car park is Wentworth Street near NCP behind TK Max.

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