True Spirituality, The path to universal truth & enlightenment

5th April 2018 7:00 pm - 5th April 2018 9:00 pm 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA, UK
True Spirituality, The Path to Universal Truth and Enlightenment.
(Taster session for the longer course).

Thursday 15th March (FULLY BOOKED)
Thursday 5th April (6 spaces left)
Thursday 3rd Mat (new and open for booking).

7-9pm. Please arrive early for a promt start.
At Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre.
£10 per person.
Please reserve your place with Edward Robinson.

The Universe exists and works in a very particular way, so consider what type of experience you choose to cause for yourself and others:
a) if you go against the way of the Universe, then in the long run you will make things much more painful and difficult.
b) if you know and work-with the way of the Universe, then you make things much easier and happier and, crucially, sustainably so.

Therefore these sessions show how it is both possible and vitally important to know, prove and work-with the nature of existence, and its everyday consequences and applications.

This is a very practical course both grounded in everyday life and reaching for deeper spirituality. So if you are interested in spiritual development and/or you are thoughtful and caring about the state of the world then there will be plenty in this course that is useful and accessible to you.

These engaging and participatory sessions use guided meditation/contemplation, lecture, group discussion, thought experiments and healthy debate to integrate the timeless enlightenment teachings with modern culture in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Edward Robinson has been researching enlightenment and it’s application to the modern world for over 18 years, through extensive study, contemplation/meditation, rational/scientific enquiry and the ‘school of hard knocks’.

He comes highly recommended as a teacher, for example:
“The information and practices I have learned through Edward’s teaching have proved successful where all other spiritual approaches I have taken have failed. By virtue of Edward and these teachings, I have achieved far greater spiritual progress this year than I have done over the previous 35! It has enhanced my understanding and lifestyle for the better and I recommend it to anyone spiritually-minded. DA 2018-February”.

To book this session please message Edward Robinson, alternatively you can ask Kim V Coley.

Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre, 18 Cowgate,
Peterborough City Centre, PE1 1NA.
(halfway down Cowgate, behind ‘The Good Stuff’ sandwich bar, down the Keebles alleyway).

Parking is free down Cowgate and Priestgate after 6:30pm, but spaces are limited. The nearest car park is NCP behind TK Max and WH Smith down Wentworth Street.

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