Bowen Therapy

I have a passion for working with women in their childbearing years and have found Bowen therapy to be an ideal tool for supporting the journey through motherhood.
Women come to me for fertility support, pregnancy support, birth & then postnatal support.
The Bowen Technique has become the heart of my approach.

Bowen is a DEEP ACTING therapy that can:
– create STRUCTURAL change
– improve lymph flow
– calm the central nervous system (neurological function)
– balance hormones
– get muscles moving
– lessen chronic pain

Bowen can offer you help with:
* FERTILITY* *sciatica * avoiding induction * prolapse * pelvic pain *
*SPD/PGP* VBAC * BREECH * headaches * insomnia * STRESS!!!*
* vaginismus *

About the session:
When you arrive at the clinic I take a full medical history before performing some assessments to find the primary imbalance that your body directs me to. Treatments are offered on a coach in much the same way as for a massage, but clients remain fully clothed throughout.

Bowen moves can be made through clothing, and are usually felt as gentle. Particularly tight areas may require more pressure, and we stay in responsive communication for your comfort throughout your session.
The aim of Bowen therapy is to calm down the central nervous system and target any areas of neurological or muscular tension. Once these are released clients often report feeling taller, more grounded, more steady on their feet.

Pain often disappears and movement returns to an area of injury after just 1 session. Some clients report sensations of having had a full body scrub or ‘pleasant skin tingling’. Regardless of the range of relaxing sensations, everyone raves that Bowen Therapy puts you back in touch with your own body.

Contact: 07859053160