What is a Food Sensitivity Test?

Food Sensitivity Testing isn’t about discovering allergies or intolerances. As with everything with Kinesiology we are working with energy and this is what we are looking at with a Food Sensitivity Test: whether a food is beneficial to our state of energetical balance or not. Food will fall into three categories: biogenic (foods that GIVE us MORE energy than they take), biostatic (foods that give the SAME level of energy as they take), and biocidic (foods that TAKE MORE energy from us than they give). In a Food Sensitivity Test we are testing for biocidic foods, using muscle testing as a communication tool with the body.

What can I expect from a Food Sensitivity Test?

A Food Sensitivity Test starts in a similar way to a normal Kinesiology session, with a series of questions in a short consultation, and then, once on the couch, a number of pre checks confirming your body is in a state to be tested. A number of vials containing different food substances are placed on the Hara point (around the naval) and a series of muscle tests are done. The foods that result in an unlocked muscle test are the biocidic ones. As the client cannot see what is in the vials when the tests are being performed, the results stem from the body’s own communication system. Once the food types have been established, depending on the client’s circumstances, we usually recommend steering clear (or cutting down if abstinence is too difficult) of the biocidic foods for approximately 30 days while the body resets it’s memory of them. Once this timeframe has passed we can look at re-establishing the food types back into the client’s diet. We recommend retesting the food types again to make sure that the body is ready to receive them, however this is at the client’s discretion. 

Rebecca will end the treatment with some centering techniques. This process has a similar effect on the body as grounding after meditation. Any scattered energies are pulled back into the centre of the body, enabling you to continue your day feeling balanced and well.