About Macrobiotics:

Defining macrobiotics is not easy. If only there was one single sentence that could sum it up! There are many inaccurate definitions of what Macrobiotics is, and it has only been recently, in 2017, at the International Macrobiotic Conference, has a

unanimous definition been established. That definition is as follows:

“The macrobiotic diet is a way of life that guides one’s choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle. Macrobiotics is also a system of principles and practices of harmony to benefit the body, mind, and planet.”

However, there is so much more to it that than. I would add that Macrobiotics is also the following:

• – Mastering the art of longevity
• – A profound understanding of energy, the universe and how pretty much everything in the universe works (yes, really – it’s pretty mind blowing, fascinating and revelationary)
• – Becoming conscious of our choices in life (with food, diet, lifestyle, thoughts, emotions…pretty much everything!) and understanding the implications they have
• – A process of empowerment
• – An invitation to live a fulfilling and wholesome life.

Macrobiotics is also about living and eating holistically and consciously, and in a way that allows us to honor, respect and live in harmony with our natural environment, ourselves and our lifestyle. It can also help us to understand how and why so many things in the world work the way they do, especially our health and wellbeing.

A Macrobiotic Consultation:

A Macrobiotic Health Consultation can help with healing a variety of health and wellbeing problems and reaching health and life goals. It can be incredibly useful at providing insights and feedback based on individual health conditions.

A consultation starts with taking a thorough look at what is happening for you. We explore your primary health issues, medical history and other details that may be relevant in gaining a holistic understanding of current condition and your needs. I use various forms of Oriental diagnosis which may include tongue, meridian, facial and tongue diagnosis which can provide profound insights about your problems, their underlying causes, and connections between imbalances.

A detailed explanation is then offered to help with understanding your health issues from both western medicine and oriental medicine perspectives, and how they are connected. Often people find this feedback fascinating and reassuring. If necessary, we will also work on deep emotional processes and release work to transform stuck and stagnated emotions in the body to enable more energy, vitality and freedom.

Since each person’s situation is unique, after the consultation a full and detailed dietary, nutritional and lifestyle plan specifically tailored to meet your needs and requirements is given. This includes dietary and lifestyle guidance, recommendations, recipe suggestions and resources designed to fully support your healing.

Ongoing support is then available through regular coaching or follow up sessions which can be beneficial in helping you stay on track and increase the speed, accuracy, ease and confidence for your putting changes into action and for making your healing successful.