Progressive Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?
Kinesiology is an holistic therapy that entwines the ancient healing wisdom of the East and the modern science and chiropractic techniques from the West. It combines Ancient Chinese and Tibetan energy medicine, working with the meridians and the five elements, whilst using the body’s own muscular system as a bio feedback mechanism.

In kinesiology we use muscle testing as a way to communicate with the body. This way we can work out what the body needs without the client needing to be consciously aware. Once we have established where the imbalances occur and what is causing them, we use the same muscle testing technique to establish what the body requires to rebalance itself. Utilising many tools from many different holistic therapies, we have a huge range of tools in our therapy toolbox from which we can rebalance the body. Chakra balancing, energy work, nutrition, emotional stress release (ESR), acupressure, colour and sound therapy, brain connection work, meridian lines, crystal therapy, and reiki, to name but a few, are all used in combination as a part of the rebalancing process.

The concept of Kinesiology is that everything within the body is connected, mind, body and soul, and when life hits us in various ways, be it a physical ailment, a biochemical imbalance, or an emotional issue, our energy systems are forced out of balance affecting us as a whole. Our aim is to help a client achieve the best level of balance they are able to, enabling them to carry on their day to day life released from whatever has been affecting them.

What is Kinesiology good for?
Kinesiology can be used to treat almost every condition, be it physical, chemical, or emotional. Because these three elements of the body are intertwined, by balancing one, we create balance in the others. For example stress is an emotional issue. When we feel stressed we get tight shoulders, headaches, stomach pain, our physical body is affected. At the same time our bodies release cortisol and adrenaline to name but two hormones produced to help keep us in fight or flight mode, so our chemical body is also pushed out balance. As such Kinesiology can be effective in treating pretty much anything.

Because Kinesiology is an energy based treatment we are also able to treat very young children, those with severe mobility issues, and also animals and pets. Please just ask about our surrogacy treatments.

What can I expect in a Kinesiology treatment?
A standard Kinesiology treatment will last around 60 minutes, up to 90 minutes if it is your first treatment. You will be given a full inclusive consultation with Rebecca, exploring your medical history and the things that are challenging you currently. Everything is held in the strictest confidence and you can enjoy the safe, non judgemental space that will be created for you during this process.

Once on the couch Rebecca will perform a couple of ‘pre-checks’ that confirm that your body and brain are communicating effectively. It is most likely that you will have a ‘goal balance’ in your treatment. During the consultation you will have decided what it is specifically you would like to work on and release and this is then energetically locked into your body in order to read the body’s energy imbalances. Rebecca will then perform 14 different muscle tests, and various energy tests, assessing where the imbalances reside and what they require to correct themselves. Once the treatment has been performed and the imbalances have been rectified, your goal that you decided to work on should now no longer affect your body’s energy systems.

Rebecca will end the treatment with some centering techniques. This process has a similar effect on the body as grounding after meditation. Any scattered energies are pulled back into the centre of the body, enabling you to continue your day feeling balanced and well.

Sometimes an issue has many layers and it may be necessary to treat a condition over more than one treatment. Other issues can be resolved with just one treatment. Rebecca can guide you through this during the consultation and treatment and can use your own body’s guidance to form a treatment plan should you so wish.

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