Spell Casting

Since the dawn of time Natural Witches have been able to tune into the universal forces of the elemental realms, Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to aid people to achieve their hearts’ desires.
Whether it’s love you’re looking for or finding a new job, I can help with a spell crafted just for you!

‘Nought but love can enter in, nought but love can emerge from within, this is charged by the power of the old ones’* and can help you to find your heart’s desire as long as it harms none.

Talk to me to find your intent and gather your tools and I will support you with your spell casting; Ican write your magic and cast your spell and you can sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

T: 07753 160316
E: karen@bethelight.org.uk
W: www.bethelight.org.uk