Tarot Card Reading

Reading your tarot card is the key element of the session however, Karen believes this needs to be encompassed into a holistic experience which is more than just a reading!

Using her decades of experience as a reader and a healer Karen (Firestone) brings her unique style to your session which will make it truly yours.

About the session:

Karen will start with a short consultation to establish your needs and find out how you are feeling. She will then take you through an eclectic and soulful experience which you will find to be both healing and enlightening.

The cards are read in the Celtic cross formation and decision making sets of three, you will be offered the opportunity to choose an oracle card, and for a variety of other healing and seeing techniques, whichever best suits you on the day, these could include chakra balancing, crystal therapy, energy healing, pendulum work, spiritual coaching, getting in touch with your spirit guides, past life regression, hand/neck massage, meditation, light sourcing or acupressure (face/hands).

Each session ends with a simple grounding and protection ritual.

If you require a longer session let us know when you book and we can price your session accordinly.

T: 07753 160316
E: karen@bethelight.org.uk
W: www.bethelight.org.uk