Transformation Coaching

About Transformative Coaching

We are living in exciting times where expressions such as conscious living, enlightenment, awakening, personal development, self-improvement are becoming household terms. But what do they really mean? What is it that enlightens or awakens? What part of us develops or improves? What is it that becomes conscious?

To explore these questions, I invite you to imagine looking at a photo of yourself as a five year old, then compare that to a recent photo of yourself (I am assuming if you are reading this that you are well over 5 years old!). In both photos, you would agree that each one is you right? However, science informs us that body is continuously changing and transforming itself. We know that there is not one cell in your body now that was part of your five year old body. But clearly there is something that remains the same, separate from our changing body and even our mind. So what is it that remains the same?

This consistent part of us is our unchanging spiritual essence. It is our true identity beyond the physical body and subtle mind. This is our essential self, the part of us also known as consciousness.

So much of our suffering on an individual and collective level has arisen due to our forgetting our true identity and losing our connection to this essential self. We have lost touch with our power, potential and possibility.

Through transformative coaching one goal is to raise awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, whilst simultaneously exploring the human aspects of ourselves. In our time together, you will embark on a process of self-knowledge to gain new perspective on yourself, your fellow human beings and life as a whole.

I provide spiritually-oriented, communication based coaching with the intention of making a meaningful difference to your life through professional coaching. I offer a unique blend of communication skills, powerful transformational methodologies founded on grounded, enlightening spiritual principles.

I am convinced that deep fulfillment and contentment is your birthright – no matter where you are at in your life, where you come from, what education you received, whatever your religious or spiritual tradition, your experiences and upbringing as a child, which country you come from or what gender you belong to. As a coach, I join your team and support you to go where-ever you need to go for your own soul’s growth and transformation.

You will be the driver at the wheel, determining the destination of the journey, the way there and the pace. As a passenger, I will provide you with helpful tools from Transformative Communication if necessary, alert you to possible blind spots, encourage you to continue or pause, and urge you to continue on your journey based on your needs, goals and your own inner navigation. Through the coaching you will experience transformation as you uncover and learn a lot about yourself.

Coaching is a process that will undoubtedly mean you come up against obstacles and roadblocks, especially patterns of behavior that are hindering you on the path to success. As a coach, I support you in identifying these patterns and replacing them with new, life-affirming habits.

I will also hold the space for what is possible for you, especially in those moments where you are not able to see, feel or realise this. As your coach, I will hold you accountable and make a powerful stand for your growth, evolution and transformation.

Coaching can be used for improving, raising awareness and catalyzing transformation in any area of life. Maybe you are experiencing challenges you wish to overcome, perhaps you want to refine or develop a particular aspect of yourself or area in your life or maybe you want to improve your communication skills.

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