What is Thrive and Enjoy Health Coaching ?

Dr Ian Tennant coaches people to take back control of their own health. The end goal is the same for everyone – to have enough energy and vitality to sail through each day and achieve what he or she really wants from life.
How it helps?
Most of us know when something is out of balance in our lives – but sometimes it takes the right type of support, practice and guidance to create long-term change.  Thrive and Enjoy Health Coaching  assumes that being healthy is our natural state. In coaching you will work with Ian to understand what is holding you back from creating the change you’re after.  For the coaching to be a real success you must fit these criteria:
Be willing to set aside time for your own health
Have an eagerness to take on board new information
Feel a strong desire to focus your energy on the things that matter
Be ready to apply new healthy habits
What it helps?
Thrive and Enjoy Health Coaching helps people who are suffering from any of these situations:
Difficulty maintaining an ideal weight
Struggling to concentrate or stay focused
Frequent moods swings
Anxiety, bouts of depression or too much worrying
Lack of sleep
Dependence on stimulants such as tea, coffee, sugar or cocoa
Inability to reach fitness goals
Before committing to coaching you get a FREE half hour consultation with Dr Ian Tennant to find out if this is the best option for you.  If it is then you will undergo a thorough assessment to measure your baseline levels of health and get clear on what health goals you’re aiming for.  Ongoing coaching involves proven techniques that help you to master all levels of health: physical, intellectual, emotional and creative.
How many appointments will be needed?
During a FREE half hour consultation with Dr Ian Tennant you will identify a realistic estimate of the time needed with Thrive and Enjoy Health Coaching to bring about the change you’re after.  Creating new healthy habits can take several months. The support offered through this coaching is more likely to bring about long-term changes to lifestyle than one-off quick fixes.
A block of 10 sessions costs £725. Each session typically lasts 60 minutes
Discounts are available for monthly, bespoke packages. Contact Dr Ian Tennant directly for details 07812 901685
Clinical and Surgical Sciences – PhD
Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry – MSci
Holistic Lifestyle Coach – CHEK Institute
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy – BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma
Acupuncture/Dry Needling in Sports Medicine – Diploma
Myofascial Release for Movement Therapists – Diploma
Abdominal and Sacral Massage – Diploma
Natural Lift Facial Massage – Diploma
Dr Ian Tennant is a member of the ISRM and Acupuncture Society