What is counselling and how it can benefit you?

Introduction to Counselling

One of our counsellors, Helen Young, introduces mental health issues and how counselling can help…

Mental health issues are often invisible. The smile on your face can be fixed to hide the pain and emptiness you feel. No one will judge you for breaking a bone, but somehow they feel it’s okay to judge you for being broken on the inside.

You may be thinking, ‘I’ve got a loving family, a good job, and a great house. How can I feel so low?’. Maybe you’ve never allowed yourself to process past issues, grieve for losses, or simply have time for you. Perhaps the children are grown up and have left home, and now you’ve lost your sense of identity. No, you’re not mad for feeling the way you do. And whilst, yes, everyone has their own problems, yours are meaningful for you and you deserve to be listened to. This is where counselling can help you.

Counselling offers the opportunity to talk to a stranger who has no preconceptions about you and is there to specifically listen to YOU. You won’t hear words such as ‘pull yourself together’, or ‘think positive and you’ll be fine’ – your counsellor will spend time exploring what is going on for you.

The majority of clients find the act of offloading cathartic and feel as if a weight has been lifted from them.  They describe how having the space to be able to say things aloud in a non-judgmental environment is refreshing and allows them to tune into themselves.

Spending time with a counsellor once a week and allowing yourself some ‘me time’ can enable self-reflection which leads to increased self-awareness and an acceptance that it’s okay to be you.


We caught up with her to find out more about what she does and why… 

What drew you to counselling?

My own personal experience of counselling, which enabled me to see things clearly at a difficult time in my life.

In your opinion, what are some of the main mental health issues we are facing today?

Pressure from social media and the perception of the ‘perfect life’, social isolation, and a lack of a work/life balance.

Who can benefit from talking to a counsellor?

Anyone who is open to the process of exploration and change. Counselling is client led and is tailored according to their individual situation and aims.  Clients often express not wanting to burden friends and family with their problems and feel that they can be honest in the counselling space.

What are the possible benefits of counselling?

Counselling offers a quiet, reflective space away from distractions or the expectations of daily life.  The non-judgmental support of the counsellor facilitates change as over time, the client is encouraged to reflect on themselves, the way they think, their patterns of behaviour, their expectations of themselves and others and anything they wish to address.

You can book a counselling session with Helen Young here, by contacting 07450 276336 or through the Soul Happy facebook page.


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