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When I started looking for potential work experience placements, I had no idea where to start or what I wanted

to do career wise. What I did know is that I wanted to work in an environment that was positive, ethical and compassionate. I wanted to make my time worthwhile and to help people whilst exploring my passions. Scrolling through business pages on Facebook I came across the Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre. In my first phone call to Kim (the founder of Soul Happy) I learnt the centre covers so many things including Reiki, hypnotherapy, sports therapy, nutrition, loads of workshops, and I knew that this was the place I had been looking for. When first meeting Kim I received a warm feeling (and a hug) and I began to understand her ethics and vision. Kim wanted the centre to be a place of love and happiness, a place that would inspire and help people whilst educating them. From the minute I stepped into the building I felt the love and positive vibes radiating from the staff. There was a genuine compassion and sincerity about the people here and I felt so unbelievably welcomed by everyone.

On Wednesday I met Helen, the centres nutritionist, who gave me lots of information on her latest fascination; essential oils. I had never delved into this world before and I was a bit unsure whether it was something I would be interested in. As soon as we sat down Helen placed two drops of oil on my hands, told me to rub them together and then onto the back of my neck. In seconds I felt a warm tingling sensation in my neck and was shocked that 2 tiny drops of oil could have this effect. I was eager to learn more and so I decided to attend the Introduction to Essential Oils workshop that was taking place that evening. I met Vivien who was running the workshop, her story and the information she gave me that night was really interesting and I was excited to say the least. During the workshop we tried food dips infused with essential oils and also made an essential oil nose inhaler. We learnt how to use essential oils on the skin, in diffusers and in food and drinks. The whole evening was very fascinating to me and I have now become a lover of essential oils.

During the second week I met Henry who introduced me to his role in sports therapy and nutrition. We talked about the importance of fitness on the body and he showed me his latest achievement; his first fitness guide!

Throughout my time here Kim introduced me to various recipes which we had so much fun making. From oil infused chocolates to smoothies and ginger shots my mind had been opened to various new food combinations which gave variety to my diet in a way that benefited my body.

One of the key focuses I worked on whilst I was here was creating an EMS (environment management system) for the Soul Happy centre. Soul Happy is already aware of their environmental impact and have started composting, recycling and sourcing fair trade and organic products. This pack ensures that the centre gets the recognition it deserves for doing this. I really enjoyed working on this as it helped to tie in my interests of being ethically and environmentally conscious whilst applying it to the centre. Seeing all the small things we could achieve as a business to reduce our carbon footprint and negative impact on the environment was very eye opening and rewarding.

As part of my experience here I completed admin and marketing related tasks such as writing up all of Kim’s receipts and emails onto a spread sheet and creating events posters and therapist’s timetables. This helped me to understand how small tasks such as these affect the business on a larger scale.

I also attended the vegan food share and social which was such an amazing experience to be around so many like-minded people. The food available was diverse and of course delicious! I learnt countless new recipes and met so many lovely people that I am very eager to see again.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time here and am so grateful to Kim for giving me this opportunity and spending so much time teaching me new things, making sure I got the most out of the experience and most of all for being kind and looking after me so well. I am also grateful to the rest of the tribe who gave up their time to teach me about the importance of what they do and to give me some much appreciated advice that I will take with me for the future.

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